Imagine 4 large stone "monuments" at the edge of a forest, 1000m asl, surrounded by snowy mountains and amazing nature: a place evoking genuineness, candour and quiet… The cosy B&B I Picchi, one of the most striking in Aosta Valley, was built with bricks and bio lime combined with the stones of this little Stonehenge. It gets its name from the black woodpecker living in the surrounding trees, the largest woodpecker in Europe, with a crimson-red crown and an easily recognisable “kree-kree-kree” sound!

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The renowned downhill cycling track going from Pila to Aosta is only 50 m away and we provide a safe storage for your bicycles. Cyclists will be “home” in a minute and in the morning, after a healthy...


How to reach “I Picchi”.


The B&B has 6 double rooms boasting a breathtaking view of the whole valley.